Akani Simbine

Akani Simbine – Instagram Profile – INK361

The tension was high and everyone expected to see the first sub 10 second 100m by a South Africa or at least the national record being broken. The guys approached the start of the 100m line, Simon’s usual roar and the crowed being silenced…but the quiet figure of Akani was probably forgotten. Forgotten before, but not after the race… Simbine was chased down by Simon to 95m and was dipped into second position; a second position and a personal best of 10.02 seconds. Ladies and gentleman, meet Mr Simbine.

Untypical Student Akani Simbine | Spikes powered by IAAF
World University Games 100m champion Akani Simbine is the world’s fastest student, but can the South …

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