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  • Fatherhood 07/05/2019“There’s a reason now for me to kick harder than t
  • Inspired 07/03/2019“She’s not just my hero, my role model and my bigg
  • The Hurricane 06/27/2019“As bad as it was for everyone in New Orleans, it
  • Patience, Not Perfection 06/18/2019“This was how I thought at 19, 20, and only now do
  • Remembering Gabe 06/13/2019“She will be dearly missed, but never forgotten”
  • Sub-10 06/05/2019“After that race I was destroyed, physically and m
  • Dear Götzis 05/31/2019“I swore to myself that I would return one day.”
  • Young Lion 05/29/2019“I know everything has its own time – sorrow and h
  • No Regrets 05/14/2019“It’s worth it, at the end of the day.”
  • 2020 Vision 05/06/2019“One of my goals is to be world champion. I’m not