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IAAF Spikes

  • Heroes 03/31/2020“These people do it every day, every night, and it
  • Gratitude 03/18/2020“At moments like this, you realise running is so,
  • The Edge 03/15/2020“It will feel like a victory, given where I’ve com
  • Ashley 03/06/2020“She wasn’t just a great match as a wife, but also
  • Impossible 02/20/2020“I made a promise to my country that I’ll bring an
  • Resilience 02/14/2020“When you keep going, it’s usually worth it”
  • Longevity 02/04/2020“I’ve always erred on the side of being healthy an
  • Back to Life 01/23/2020“I was one of the healthiest guys on the planet. H
  • Next Chapter 01/14/2020“From that point on, my body would never quite wor
  • Take A Stand 12/30/2019“If athletes aren’t happy with a decision, we can