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IAAF Spikes

  • The Comeback 11/06/2019“I didn’t want her birth to signify the death of M
  • Second Chance 10/31/2019“I believe it’s another chance at life”
  • Lessons learnt 09/30/2019“The biggest challenge is in the mind.”
  • Exhaustion 09/22/2019“The hard thing is, it’s different for all women”
  • The Grind 09/16/2019“Sometimes being alone is a good thing. It toughen
  • Know Your Why 09/11/2019“What’s your reason for doing this?”
  • Squad Goals 09/01/2019“Our group is a like a pick’n’mix.”
  • High Hopes 08/27/2019“They’re beginning to understand that high jump ca
  • Strength from Above 08/16/2019“No matter what comes, I know she’ll be with me, f
  • Need for Speed 08/08/2019“In skiing, you could often do the right thing and